Big Jesus

BJ 1


Big Jesus will be at Pride’s throughout the UK in ?

Where would Jesus be if he was on Earth? Liberty Church in Blackpool believes he would be at Gay Pride dancing, waving and laughing his way through our cities as he embraces the gay community. So that’s exactly what they made happen with a 4 metre high Jesus.

‘Big Jesus’, as he is affectionately known, was inspired by a gay man that Nina Parker from Liberty Church met during Pride 2011. The man questioned how it was possible to be gay and Christian when he had experienced such hurtful homophobia from Christians. Nina realised that if Jesus walked our streets today he would be found at Pride, because he was always with people on the edges of society, and usually at the party. So, Big Jesus was created as a symbol of God’s desire to communicate with, and love the LGBT communities.

Over 10 years ago Nina and Jim Parker founded an inclusive church that welcomes and affirms LGBT community. Jesus loves LGBT people exactly as they are. They believe that Jesus’ grace is sufficient to put everyone right with God and keep them right, and there is nothing a person can do to alter that. “This radical message of God’s undeserved favour through Christ isn’t new,” says Jim. “It’s clearly there in the bible. It’s a shame that we obscure it by the unwritten rules we can create as churches.”

In the 1970’s Christians campaigned to deny LGBT people housing and jobs. Today, most people would be horrified by such inhumane behaviour. Yet even now homophobic behaviour can deny LGBT people their dignity, self-respect and ultimately their relationship with Jesus. However, judgement is a two edged sword, and it can backfire and imprison any of us in a graceless faith. Jim Parker summed this up: “Fortunately, God is not about unreachable standards; it’s about Jesus and he’s very accessible, to everyone.”

Big Jesus is now on his way to His next Pride to celebrate Christ’s love for everyone (see our website for dates and details). If you’d like to walk with him please contact Jim at Liberty Church… jim(at)

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